Vlieland Ferry

Traveling with the Vlieland ferry

Are you traveling with the Vlieland ferry from Harlingen? The crossing takes around 90 minutes (or 45 minutes with the express service). The ferry to Vlieland departs three times a day, the ferry from Vlieland to Harlingen also has three departures a day.

The ferry that takes you to the island is called Vlieland and was built in 2005. This ferry has a capacity of 1200 people and 59 cars. If you take the fast ferry you will travel with the Tiger (2000) or with the Koegelwieck (1992). The Tiger has a capacity of 415 people (no cars), the Koegelwieck can carry a maximum of 312 people (and no cars as well).

Ferry tickets

Vlieland Ferry

Buying a ticket for the Vlieland ferry can be done in different ways: online, by telephone or on site at the counter in Harlingen (or on Vlieland and Terschelling). Buying tickets is based on reservations. The earlier you reserve, the more certain you are of a spot on the ferry. When you buy a ticket you can pick the time and date of your (out) journey. In the case of a return ticket, you also specify the time and date of your return trip. The time and date can be changed afterwards; online, at the counter or at a ticket machine.

Prices Vlieland ferry

  • Children under the age of four travel for free.
  • A return trip for a pedestrian (4 to 11 years old) with the ferry to Vlieland costs between € 10.76 and € 13.92.
  • A return trip for a pedestrian (12 to 64 years old) with the ferry to Vlieland costs between € 21.60 and € 27.94.
  • A return trip for a pedestrian (65 and older) with the ferry to Vlieland costs between € 19.38 and € 25.06.

View a more comprehensive overview of the ferry Vlieland prices. Or check the website of Rederij Doeksen for all rates.


You can buy tickets online for the ferry to and from Vlieland on the Rederij Doeksen website.

By phone

You can buy (or make changes to) your ticket by phone by calling the Contact Center of Rederij Doeksen. The telephone number is +31 88 – 9000 888.

At the terminal counter

Another option for buying tickets is to visit the counter in Harlingen and Vlieland (or Terschelling). Tickets at the counter cost € 1.50 extra (service fee). There is no fee when you buy a ticket at the ticket machines in the terminals in Harlingen, Terschelling and Vlieland. You can change the time and date on your tickets at the ticket counter and at the ticket machines.

Practical information for the Vlieland ferry

Three times a day there is a departure from Harlingen to Vlieland. During the summer period this means that the ferry departs three times a day from Harlingen and also three times a day from Vlieland. During winter season there is only a fast service available on Monday (evening), Wednesday (evening), Thursday (evening), Saturday (evening) and Sunday (morning). You can see the exact and current timetable including exceptions on the Rederij Doeksen website.

Dogs and other pets can travel for free on the ferry, but you must keep your pet on a leash during the crossing. It is allowed to leave your pet in your car (unattended) during the crossing as long as it cannot get out of the car.

Parking in Harlingen

Parking in Harlingen and surrounding areas? There are various parking facilities, both covered and uncovered. A shuttle bus runs from almost all car parks and connects to the departure times. Due to crowds during the high season, events and holidays, it is recommended to reserve some extra travel time in connection with searching for a parking space. See the “Parking in Harlingen” page for more information.


Free wireless internet (WIFI) is available on all ferries to and from Vlieland.