Parking on Vlieland

Vlieland is car-free, so you cannot bring your car to the island. Parking on Vlieland is therefore not possible. Only residents of the island, who are in possession of a special permit, may travel by car on the ferry to Vlieland. A permit for island visitors is only issued in very exceptional cases. As a visitor you will therefore have to look into parking in Harlingen.

Parking on Vlieland & transportation on the island

Because no cars are allowed on Vlieland, you will have to look for alternative transportation. The fastest way is by bus or taxi. When the ferry arrives at Vlieland you can easily board. On a sunny day you can rent a bike, which is the best way to discover this beautiful island.

Taking the bus as an alternative

On Vlieland, transport by bus is provided by Arriva Personenvervoer Nederland. You can find the timetable at all bus stops, but you can also pick it up at the VVV tourist office on Vlieland. In the summer there are different departure times than in the winter. You can buy a ticket on the bus and pay with your debit card or credit card. It is even easier to pay with your OV chip card.

Bus prices Vlieland

  • The price of a bus ticket starts at € 2.25
  • A ticket for the Buurtbus starts at € 1,30
  • A day pass for the Fryslân bus costs € 17,00 (discount rate: € 11,00)
  • A day pass combo ticket (Fryslân bus + Train + Qliner bus) costs € 21,00 (discounted rate)
  • A ticket for De Opstapper only costs € 2,50
  • Kids travel for free
  • Check out the complete and current rates on the Arriva website

Taxi Vlieland

If you prefer to go by taxi, you can call Taxi Zeelen (+31 562-451222). When the ferry arrives at Vlieland you can get on a taxi and you and your luggage will be brought to your final destination quickly. Taxi Zeelen also provides wheelchair transport.

Parking on Vlieland is not possibleTuk Tuk

Do you like adventure and do you want to discover Vlieland in a unique way? Then go with the Tuk Tuk. This electrically driven taxi takes you to every spot on the island. Click here for more information.

Cycling on Vlieland

Vlieland is a perfect place for a nice bike ride. Therefore there are several locations to rent a bicycle on Vlieland. In addition to electric bicycles, mobility scooters and tandems, you can of course also rent a normal bicycle.

Some bicycle rental companies on Vlieland take your luggage to your final destination for free. After arrival by ferry you can leave your luggage at the rental place. The same is possible on the way back to the mainland.