Mudflat hiking Vlieland

Mudflat hiking Vlieland

Of course the ferry is faster, but perhaps it is much more fun to walk to a Wadden Island, the so-called mudflat hiking. Mudflat hiking is a sporting and unique adventure, in the middle of the nature of the World Heritage Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is also called the last wilderness and is an indescribably beautiful nature reserve.

Mudflat hiking to Vlieland

Because the gullies between Harlingen and Vlieland, also at low tide, are too deep, it is not possible to hike to Vlieland. It is possible to take a short walk during low tide. It takes about six to eight hours for the water to rise again. This is a wonderful experience.

Mudflat hiking between the Dutch Wadden Islands
Photo: Thijs Knaap


The hike on the mudflats to Texel takes about 3.5 hours, the total length is about 11 kilometers. The trip goes along nature reserve De Schorren where you can admire the flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea. Mudflat hiking to Texel is not difficult because you walk on hard sand plates. This makes the trip suitable for the older kids (from 10 years). The collection point ‘Waddenpark Avanti’ is about 20 kilometers after arriving by the ferry to Texel.


The channels between Terschelling and Harlingen are also too deep to hike on.


The mudflat hike to Ameland has a length of about 10 kilometers. The walk itself takes about 3 hours. This trip, especially in the beginning is slightly heavier than mudflat walking to Texel, due to the mud. From about halfway the surface is sandy. Walking across the mud flats to Ameland is suitable from the age of 14 years.


The hike from Lauwersoog to Schiermonnikoog is tough, takes almost 6 hours and is no less than 19 kilometers long. The subsoil consists of sand and mud alternately. The changing gullies and trenches and deep swallows are especially heavy in the coastal valley. Hiking across the mud flats to Schiermonnikoog is only suitable for hikers who are very experienced. In addition to the minimum age of 18, a very good condition, experience and stamina is also required.

Mudflat hiking Friesland en Groningen

In addition to the usual mudflat hiking trips you can also hike to and from other islands or sand flats. For example from the Zandplaat Brakzand to Schiermonnikoog, a trip of more than 11 kilometers.

Hiking to Rottumeroog, the island that is most east, is also possible. This is a very exclusive trip because it can only be organized a few times a year.

A hiking classic is the wanderings to the Engelsmanplaat, where is a Wadwachtpost. The journey is about 12 kilometers long and takes about 4 hours. The toughness is not so bad because the subsoil consists mostly of hard sandy soil.

More information about mudflat hiking

One of the pioneers in this area is Wadloopcentrum Fryslân. They have more than 50 years of experience.