Ferry Vlieland: the ferry from Harlingen to Vlieland

The ferry to Vlieland

If you want to visit Vlieland, your journey begins on the Ferry Vlieland. Rederij Doeksen, who operates the ferry service to Vlieland, brings you safely from the mainland in Harlingen to Vlieland, the smallest Wadden Island inhabited. With Texel on the south side and Terschelling on the east side, Vlieland is a popular destination among tourists from around the world.

Ferry Vlieland departures

The crossing from the mainland to Vlieland takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. With the express service, also called fast ferry, the trip only takes about 45 minutes (directly from Harlingen to Vlieland). What time is the last departure to Vlieland? Read more about the departure times for the Vlieland ferry or the express service.

Activities on the island: what to do on Vlieland?

Ferry VlielandThe ferry services provides many crossings every year to this beautiful destination. The Wadden Island is car-free, which means that no vehicles are allowed on Vlieland. That makes the island very suitable for a nice hike or bike ride. Vlieland is also known for its many events. The Vuurtorenloop (lighthouse run), the Schuttevaer race and the Here Comes The Summer music festival attract many visitors every year. All the more reason to travel by the ferry from Harlingen to Vlieland.

To the island Vlieland by taking the Doeksen ferry

If you travel to the island by bicycle you can use the special bicycle access at the terminal. At the terminal you will find signs that indicate the entrance to x departures. If you wish to take your car to the island, by means of an exemption, you must report to the designated counter at the terminal in Harlingen before departure. Your reservation will be checked here, after which you can board one of the ferries of Rederij Doeksen.

Ferry Vlieland prices and costs

Children at the age from 0 to 3 years old can travel for free with the ferry from Harlingen to Vlieland, accompanied by an adult. You can also bring your dog on the ferry for free, as long as it’s on a lead and not within the pet-free zones. Please note that the ferry MS Midsland does not have a lift on board. This is perhaps less suitable if you want to travel with your dog.

Ferry trip to Vlieland: bookings and reservations

You can buy a ticket for the ferry to Vlieland in different ways. Online, by telephone or on site at the counter in Harlingen or on Vlieland (and the island Terschelling). Buying tickets is based on reservations. The earlier you make a reservation, the more certain you are of a seat on the ferry. You buy a ticket with the time and date of your (out) journey. In the case of a return ticket, you also specify the time and date of your return trip. The time and date can be changed afterwards (online, at the counter or at a ticket machine).

Facilities during the crossing from Harlingen to Vlieland

During the crossing from the mainland to Vlieland you can use various facilities on board. Both ferries from Rederij Doeksen have a self-service restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, coffee with cake or an extensive meal. Ordering from a menu is also possible. Arrangements can be made for people who have food allergies.

The ferry also includes a bar. Here you can enjoy music, a snack and a drink. You will also find various kiosks on board the ships with magazines and souvenirs. The ferry from Harlingen to Vlieland also has luggage lockers, free WiFi and various sanitary rooms that are also suitable for the disabled.

With the ferry from Vlieland to Texel

Are you visiting Vlieland but also want to visit the adjacent island Texel? There is a ferry service from Vlieland to Texel.

With the ferry from Vlieland to Texel

Prefer to visit the other adjacent Terschelling? You can hop on the ferry from Vlieland to Terschelling.

Ferry service terminal in Harlingen

If you take the ferry to the island, your journey begins at the terminal in Harlingen. You can park your car here if you travel from Harlingen to Vlieland. After you park, a shuttle bus will take you from the parking area to the terminal. In the Parlevinker terminal in Harlingen you can find a large store with various delicacies from the island, magazines and nice souvenirs. You can also check in yourself for the crossing at the terminal and place your luggage in the designated carts. Two pieces of carry on luggage is allowed per person.

Bring bicycles, cars, motorbikes and dogs on the ferry

Passengers, bicycles and dogs are allowed on the ferry. Cars, motorbikes and trailers may also be brought on the ferry, but a so-called T Permit is required. You can do request a permit at the municipality of Vlieland. Only with this permit can you reserve a place for your car on the ferry. The car can be parked on board the ferry on the instructions of the staff.