Parking ferry Vlieland

Parking for the ferry to Vlieland

Cars are not allowed on Vlieland. Only people who live on Vlieland and with a special permit are granted for parking their car on the ferry to Vlieland. Tourists and other non-residents of Vlieland must therefore leave their car in Harlingen and the surrounding area. A permit for non-residents is only issued in very exceptional cases. As a visitor you will therefore have to look for parking in Harlingen.

Parking ferry Vlieland

Parking ferryx VlielandThere are several options for parking for the ferry to Vlieland, both covered and uncovered parking. The most convenient option is parking in the parking garage of the ferry terminal. This parking garage is unfortunately not suitable for the people with disabilities, but is secured 24 hours a day. Follow the ANWB signs and you will automatically end up at one of the parking areas. In addition, there are several parking areas in the immediate vicinity of the ferry port where you can park for the ferry to Vlieland. If you park here then you can be transferred to the ferry with a shuttle bus. This only takes 5 minutes, there is a small fee of € 1.50. The shuttle bus driver takes the departure times from Harlingen to Vlieland into account. If you do not want to take the bus, you can also walk to the ferry port in approximately fifteen minutes.

During the summer period, sunny days and public holidays, it is often busy on the ferry to Vlieland. That is why it is advised to not to only look into the different parking options before your departure, but also the departure times of the ferry. In addition, it is recommended to reserve a little extra travel time in your schedule.

To Vlieland without a car

Vlieland is a car-free island, so you will not have a car at your disposal after arriving on the island. The cheapest way to travel to your final destination is by bus or a rented bicycle. Arriva offers a bus service on the island. Reserve a taxi if you like a little more convenience?